Walter Hern's Vintage Drums

Comments by Walter Hern:

The kit is a Fullerton Rogers set, circa September 1972 in New England white.

22" bass drum, 9x13" rack tom, two 16"x16" floor toms and a 5" x 14" Rogers COB Dynasonic. The cymbals are all Zildjians - 20" Scimitar ride, two 18" crash, 8" splash and 13" hi-hats. All Remo coated heads - Diplomat on snare and Ambassadors on the toms. The pedal is a single footboard Rogers Swivomatic.

All the other hardware is new - Yamaha hi-hat and cymbal stands and a Pearl snare stand and Gibraltar throne.

I have played this same setup since 1963 - got my first Rogers Holiday set in 1965, followed by a New England White Rogers BR setup in 1974. I was inspired to play Rogers after seeing Buddy play them in 1963 with Harry James and I could not believe how they sounded. I sold both of the sets in 1980 (huge mistake) and dropped out of playing until the mid-90's.

Once I started playing again, I said that I have to have my Rogers drums back. I spent two years looking on eBay to find my current setup which I bought from a music store owner in Ohio - it was his personal set and is in incredible shape. I have not done anything to it except to keep it clean and polished. I gig 4 to 5 times a week with it playing jazz, blues and an occasional rock gig. Lately, I have been the house drummer at a club that hosts Sunday afternoon jam sessions. All the drummers who come by to sit in give my set rave reviews and ask dozens of questions about it.

Walter, enjoying that great Rogers sound!

Walter Hern's Rogers drums

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